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                   “… Deborah Darlington, and her “InspirationInProgress” expert advice uplifted over 250 key leaders in our organization …”    read more

-- Michael V. Sack, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hallmark Health System, Inc.

Deborah Darlington, president of InspirationInProgress, has worked within the hospitality and healthcare fields for over 20 years helping to create spirit filled work environments with thick corporate cultures that encourage and inspire higher levels of service excellence. Our experience demonstrates that people connected to a purpose greater than the self perform better, contribute more and are open to new possibilities for success.

At InspirationInProgress we recognize that each individual is capable of bringing limitless potential to fruition. That potential, when developed and unleashed, brings greatness to individuals, organizations and the wider world.

Certainly, individual and corporate challenges can dampen the spirit and hinder the greatest realization of this bottomless pool of potential.

Our MISSION is to provide both individuals and organizations with the tools necessary to address those challenges, unblock the energy and free the human spirit to achieve desired goals and corporate success.

Deborah has helped her healthcare clients increase their customer satisfaction scores by as much as 46%, decrease employee absenteeism and advance the team development of operational start-ups by as much as 18 months. Read the reviews.

We know that personal and organizational missions intersect and we address that point of intersection with the services we provide. For the individual, we offer personalized, client-centered coaching sessions that help you clearly identify your passion and then bring it to life.

Through seminars and workshops, passionate keynotes and targeted consulting, we help organizations embed their vision and values into their corporate culture and instill their mission into the hearts and souls of the employees.

InspirationInProgress is about serving others and inspiring success!

What could be more important for your business or your life?!


Inspiration through workshops on leadership, team dynamics, communication, customer service and corporate culture change!