Inspirational Infusion

#1 - April 1, 2009

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready
To welcome
The ecstatic experience.”
Emily Dickinson

Welcome, Inspired Traveler!

Welcome to your monthly Inspirational Infusion! Each month I will offer you some thoughts – and questions to ponder – on inspirational leadership, spirit in the workplace and nurturing the corporate soul. These offerings are meant to help you with both your business and your personal growth while giving thoughtful consideration to the possibilities surrounding current issues.

The above quote from Emily Dickinson seemed like a perfect springboard to launch this newsletter; we live and work in a climate where inspiration is desperately needed and yet, at times, seems illusive. But, perhaps, the illusive nature of inspiration is not for lack of its source but, rather, for lack of receptivity on our part.

Inspiration requires the participation of both giver and receiver. It is a dialogue and necessitates the exchange of thought and energy. Without a willingness to listen, the new voice of inspiration calls into the darkness.

Therefore, as a way to link people (you!), passion and possibilities, I offer you the following thoughts:

WHO are you meeting with today that offers different perspectives on your business issues?  If we always listen to the same voices, it will be difficult to hear the new one.

WHAT are you delegating that will enable you to take on new challenges and innovative processes? We need to clean out our schedules before we can add to them!

WHERE are your passions living these days? In a climate of turmoil, the need for reflection is even greater in order to re-prioritize your goals and the goals of your company or department. Don’t let fear cause you to cling to the past.

HOW are you providing your staff and yourself new opportunities for growth? “If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.”

WHEN will you commit to not settling for less than you and your customers deserve? Many people are interested; few are committed.

WHY not link your passions with the boundless possibilities for growth and success that are available to you? There’s no time like the present for creating quality experiences for you and your organization.

I hope that these questions and thoughts help you to open up the door to the possibilities that lie within you; if the door is already open, may it be kept “ajar.” I am certain that this newsletter, like work and life, will continue to evolve and become more rich as we grow.

Please do post your thoughts and comments on My Blog. I stand ready to hear your voices and to grow along with you and your work.

Have an Inspirational Day!