Inspirational Infusion

#101 — August 1, 2017

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

— Ralph Nader

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

With summer at its mid-point sweltering stage, our thoughts turn to preparing for the cooler days of autumn and the transitions that fall often brings. It is prime time for leaders to move into new roles and for new leaders to emerge. So, how do you prepare up-and-coming leaders? How do you set them up for success? Here are a few suggestions, based on my over 25 years of leadership development experience:

Great leadership inspires through one mindful conversation at a time! Leadership is determined by the level of engagement with both individuals and teams. Engagement is fueled by inspiration and inspiration requires thoughtful focus, paying attention and dialogue. Point well taken.
Great leadership results from mindful skill development. Practice makes perfect and practice requires time, thought and support. New leaders need all three in order to be able to produce and learn simultaneously. A new title does not guarantee success; lifelong learning does. Point well taken.
Great leadership is mindful that change is necessary. Leadership learning may begin with an MBA but much more is needed to succeed in the rapidly changing business world. Leaders must inspire through many ways including deep listening, providing meaningful feedback, building trust, collaborating and strategizing. The old rules may apply but they are not enough. Point well taken.
Great leaders are mindful of stress and its effects. Reflection plays a big part in the role of a leader and new leaders do not always understand this. A structured development plan must be in place prior to a new leader moving up, and the right mentors and monitoring tools must be committed from the organization. Without these, new leaders suffer at work and at home. Point well taken.
Great leaders are mindful about that safety net. When being moved into a leadership position, a strong safety net prevents unnecessary mistakes from happening. Again, this is the responsibility of the organization's leadership. If a new leader is not successful, the responsibility usually resides at the top. Thoughtful, honest and empowering support is needed and will be rewarded. Point well taken.

Developing new leaders who will succeed, now and in the future, is a major responsibility for organizations today. Prepare, plan, promote and protect are just some of the actions needed to ensure success. Quite a few points to be well taken, mindfully! Fall is almost here!

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


Dr. Deborah Darlington has been supporting leadership development for over 25 years in organizations in the healthcare and hospitality industries. This development is ever more crucial in today's business climate. If you want a coach that will align your business needs with your leaders' needs, she can be reached at 215 260 1611 or at