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#108 — March 1, 2018

Leadership is about the whole person; it's who we are not just what we do.

— Deborah Darlington MA, D.Div.

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Oftentimes in my work, leaders ask me: Why did I not see this sooner? How did I miss all of the mistakes that this manager was making? Well, to be honest, we don't always define these signals clearly enough and we don't always assess the skills and characteristics from the right perspective.

Managers should be reviewed from the standpoint of meeting the organizational and departmental goals as well as meeting the goals of those they serve - their direct reports. If, in meeting the corporate goals, they leave a wake of destruction behind them, they are not being assessed in a way that benefits everyone. Here are some signals to watch for:

Are they micromanaging rather than managing? This is especially apparent in new managers who need guidance in order to succeed. Micromanaging is very frustrating for staff members who crave autonomy.
Are they arrogant? Adopting a “holier than thou” attitude does not build relationships or confidence in others. Sometimes a promotion goes to the head rather than the heart!
Are they emotionally unstable? If your manager is always in the middle of the drama and often engages in knee-jerk reactions, some coaching in mindful and thoughtful thinking might be in order.

While there are many other red flags that signal a manager has veered off track, these signs are a good starting point for evaluations. When managers are unable to create and maintain relationships that help to develop high performing teams, failure is almost assured.

A leader must monitor, evaluate and coach managers to success but it is impossible if those leaders are not looking for the right signals. So, take a moment, review your assessment process and help your managers move ahead with success, enthusiasm and inspiration!

Be magnificent!

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