Inspirational Infusion

#109 — April 1, 2018

Happy anniversary! YOU rock!

— Deborah

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Today, April 1, we celebrate the tenth year anniversary of InspirationInProgress! Wow. It seems like only yesterday when we were sitting around the table wondering if this Inspirational Leadership approach would work.

We wondered if corporate leaders and managers at every level would believe in the human ability to use the head, lead with the heart, and let the hands do the work. And, while we all have moments where we still wonder at that approach, we know and trust that we were trailblazers in the world of putting people before profit. We also know that you believe, trust and engage in that practice every day. And you change the work world by doing so.

And so, carry on! Blaze new trails and sustain the heart paths that you have forged by remembering four key points:

1. Learn and Exceed the Expectations of Others. Leadership depends upon this. If you do not understand those you serve and do not rise to meet the standards of excellence that are established, trust will not be earned.
2. Do What You Promise - Quickly. Act with a sense of urgency based upon the needs of others and not simply your perspective. Show you care; don't just say it.
3. Set Your Intentions and Share Them. Inspirational leaders do not expect others to be mind-readers. Be transparent, set those intentions and the expectations that accompany them.
4. Sustain Accountability. Remember that accountability is a two-way street. Yes, corrections must be made with compassionate honesty but praise must be freely and openly given when deserved. Inspirational leaders touch the heart, respect the mind and acknowledge the hard work done by the hands of those they lead.

Inspirational leaders have a high degree of credibility based upon their productivity, their thoughtfulness and the promises that they have kept. So, happy spring! Happy Anniversary! Happy You! We wouldn't be here without you and for that, you have my heart!

Be magnificent!

Have an Inspirational Day!


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