Inspirational Infusion

#113 — August 1, 2018

Management is the opportunity to help people become better people. Practiced that way, it's a magnificent profession.

— Clayton Christensen

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Most of the time, this newsletter serves leaders and managers who have a few notches on their belts. But, what about the newbies? As we wind our way through the end of summer, let's spend some time helping those new to management avoid some of the pitfalls that seasoned managers probably experienced early on in their careers. And, if you are one of those, well, pass the info along and use it to support and guide someone. You'll both be thankful you did!

So, now you have all of these people looking to you for guidance and your boss is looking to you to lead them. How to begin?

·         Self-Assess your Situation:

o   Get to know the key people – all of them.

o   Get to know the policies, procedures and processes – all of them.

o   Get to know the key performance measures – all of them.

o   Get to know the expectations for you and your team – all of them.

·        Assess your Team Members:

o   How did they become a member of this team?

o   What do they want from you as a boss?

o   What is their career plan?

·        Choose a Champion:

o   Who can help you in your new role?

o   What do they wish they knew when they were first a manager?

o   How can you get honest feedback from your staff?

o   How best can you correct and celebrate with your team?

·        Stop. Just stop:

o   Stop multi-tasking.

o   Stop trying to do everything – learn to delegate.

o   Stop giving away your time – use a planner and prioritize.

o   Stop saying yes to everything. It will make you and your team miserable.

·        Focus on the Team:

o   Give them your ear – listen deeply and often.

o   Practice mindfulness.

o   Know your strengths and weaknesses.

o   Be compassionately honest.

o   Be empathetic to their needs while achieving results.

We’ve all had a first day; we’ve all made mistakes; we’ve all grown. Someone saw potential in you and they want you to succeed. Take a breath. Pay attention. Listen. Ask for help when you need it. We’ve all had that first day.

Be Magnificent!

Have an Inspirational Day!


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