Inspirational Infusion

#114 — September 1, 2018

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.

— Jim Collins

Greetings, Inspired Travelers:

September has arrived and with it comes a fresh start to the business year; summer is almost over, people hunker down and dig in with new resolve and commitment — at least we hope!

And, in that spirit, this is a time for hiring to ramp up. So, are you ready?

What a difference a generation or two makes! Remember when longevity at a job was a benefit? When focusing on the work in front of you was a sure shot to success? Well, welcome to The New Now! If you want to hire the best and the brightest, you might want to be exploring the new signs of a new age.

What is their ambition quotient? What does the candidate want to achieve and what are they doing to achieve it? Do they have a LinkedIn profile and how robust is it? Are they willing to spend time creating long lasting relationships and learning skills that will transfer into the future? If not, you might want to reconsider.
Do they have a composite of their work? If you are considering them for a promotion, what are their accomplishments and how much bloodshed was left in their wake? Do they have a record of setting goals and achieving them with integrity and grace?
Do their values and behaviors match yours and your company's or department's? While business results are important, matching behaviors and values is equally as important; you can't be successful with your head alone, you need the heart!
How often have they changed jobs, and why? Back in the day longevity was important. Now, staying too long at a job can signal complacency. A candidate who moves every 2 - 3 years might be signaling growth, learning or accomplishment. Hire those seekers and keep them engaged.

Selecting new team members or leaders is not easy these days but it becomes more difficult if we don't recognize that the rules have changed and the selection process has evolved — just as the rest of business has! Pay attention. Define your business needs. Focus. Hire well. You'll be glad you did — and so will everyone else!

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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