Inspirational Infusion

#116 — November 1, 2018

When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It's very simple.

— Paulo Coelho

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Happy November! Let the holiday season begin! November and December are high energy months for most organizations and the individuals that make them work. But energy is a funny thing it can bring about a torrent of terrific productivity or it can drain the life out of everyone.

As a leader, managing energy is a primary responsibility and, while we cannot control the behaviors of others, we can create an environment that encourages and supports high energy and positive outcomes. How do we do this in a season filled with turkeys and trimmings followed by caroles and cookies? Well, here are some ideas.

Roll up your sleeves and lead by example really! When there is a need, step up and fill it and use that teachable moment to demonstrate expectations.
Delegate tasks that people want to do really! Resist simply giving out those tasks that no one wants. People are energized when they are doing what they like and are good at doing.
Encourage positive risk taking really! Don't be so quick to punish mistakes if people took a risk to make a positive difference. Energy and people blossom when fear of failing is lessened.
Reward those who are self-directed really! When people take initiative, make sure it is recognized.
Be a “high-touch” manager really! When high tech overtakes high-touch, energy is depleted.

Remember that this is the season of giving thanks. We should all be grateful for our team members who show up every day and do their best. Each day, challenge yourself to recognize and appreciate your team in a meaningful way that speaks to them and the value they bring to the workplace. Without them, no manager or leader would be successful.

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your families and your teams!


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