Inspirational Infusion

#118 — January 1, 2019

For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice.

— T.S. Eliot

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

What do you want for you and your team in the new year? Perhaps you have already begun to think about this. Perhaps you have already held your team visioning session, drawn up goals and objectives and set the agenda for 2019. Good for you! Goals and plans are necessary in a business world that is daily rocked by unexpected and tumultuous change. But, how will you accomplish all of those goals and how will you be different and help grow your team? Here are some suggestions to get you off to a great year:

Gain consensus! Teams must learn how to find new ways to agree and move beyond differences.
Leave your ego at the door! Individuals who nurture ego rather than the good of the whole get left behind in the business world.
Dare to be Creative! Look for new ways to approach the situation. Go for the gusto.
Set a bigger table! There is enough space for everyone. Be inclusive. Welcome the stranger.

If you and your team can harness the energy created by the above principles, you will:

Build lasting relationships.
Gain influence.
Produce more successful outcomes.

So, go have a great year. Do good work. Help others. Be of service.

Be magnificent!

Have an Inspirational Year!


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