Inspirational Infusion

#12 — March 1, 2010

People who never get carried away
Should be.

— Malcolm Forbes

Welcome, Inspired Traveler!

When was the last time you were ridiculously enthusiastic? When was the last time you encouraged your staff to participate in over-the-top celebratory behavior?

If it’s been a while — what are you waiting for? As leaders, when we engage those we work and live with in moments of outrageous celebration, we feed their spirit while acknowledging their success. Too many times we live in someone else’s world, celebrate in ways that are important to others but not to those we lead, and are afraid to be wildly joyful in the place where we spend most of our time — at work.

Life will always be punctuated — and remembered — by moments of greatness, and that greatness is magnified when we share and rejoice in our success with others. Enthusiasm fuels our passion and links performance and outcomes with the insatiable desire for greater success.

So, go ahead ...

  • Host a pot luck luncheon for everyone who participated in your successful project.
  • Create a “Bragging Board” with stories and photos of success, in a public place.
  • Send thank-you notes to your employees’ homes to share with their families.
  • Deliver homemade cookies to those departments that co-created the success.
  • Hang colorful victory banners where customers and co-workers can see them.

Evidence shows us that spirit-filled workplaces, led by passionate individuals who nurture others to reach their full potential and provide service excellence to customers are more successful than those who don’t.

Claim your success! Feed professional passion! Explore the possibilities! And, at the end of the day, dance the glorious dance of success with your partners — in whatever rhythm suits you!

Have an Inspirational Day! Be Magnificent!


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