Inspirational Infusion

#120 — March 1, 2019

A good proposal should lead to a good discussion — one where everyone benefits!

— Deborah Darlington, D.Div.

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Everyone in the business world needs to make a business argument at some point in their career. Well, maybe argument is too strong a word, but making a business case is a critical skill for everyone. And the more important the outcome is to you, the stronger your case needs to be. So, how to proceed? Well, here is an outline that may help:

Prepare! Do your research before you walk into the room and do it thoroughly. Study the situation from all sides and determine, not only what you want out of the deal, but what do those on the other side of the table want? Store your findings, compile what you have learned and then – and only then – move forward.
Inquire! Ask lots of questions and do not rest until you get answers. It is impossible to make a business case if you do not know the answers to pertinent questions – including the questions that the others at the table will ask. Listen carefully to the answers, to what is said and to what remains unspoken. Sometimes, the silence will show you where to go next.
Present! Take your place at the table and wait. Yes, wait. Try to allow the space to be filled, first, by the others at the table. It will show you where they are going and, more importantly, what they are thinking. You are here to present, not to jump in and attack. Using your knowledge, your information and your understanding of what is at stake for both sides, make your case. Make a reasonable offer and be prepared to adjust, if necessary.

Being able to make strong business cases that help progress to be made is a critical skill and one of the most desirable traits of a successful leader. Do your homework, rehearse and go for it!

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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