Inspirational Infusion

#122 — May 1, 2019

The goal is to provide inspiring information that moves people to action.

— Guy Kawasaki

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

People like to do business with people they like. I have taught that in my workshops and seminars, I have coached clients with that foundational premise for over 25 years. I still believe it. Liking makes for good relationships and good relationships make for good business. But - how to begin?

Bonding in business is not quite the same as building friendships, although the lines do blur many times. It often seems as if, in spite of all the technology, building good business relationships is more difficult today than it was in the age of our parents. So, perhaps we need to get back to basics:

1. Meet Face to Face! Take the time to really get to know each other and show that your interest is deeper than a three-sentence email or text. Relationships take time, so make it!
2. Visit Their Territory! If you really want to learn about someone, see how they live in their workspace. Take a look at their surroundings - what's displayed, what's important to them, get a lay of the land. People are comfortable in their own space and when people are comfortable, connection is much easier.
3. Be Authentic! If you want a real connection and an honest and long-lasting relationship, bring your real self to the table. If you can spot a “player” in the game, so can they. No one wants a relationship with a phony.

Creating rich business relationships benefits everyone involved. Make the time. Be real. Get to know the whole person. These are the relationships that turn into partnerships and often extend beyond the conference room. These are the relationships that are, well, inspirational!

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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