Inspirational Infusion

#124 — July 1, 2019

Well trained and dedicated employees are the only sustainable source of competitive strength.

— Robert Reich

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Thank Goodness it's Monday!!!

When was the last time you heard that? Have you EVER heard it? I hope so. For that is the proclamation of an engaged team member – and I also hope that it was someone on YOUR team who was shouting it out. Before the first cup of coffee!

How do you engage and energize your staff? As someone whose life work is inspiring people to act on their passion and seek out all possibilities, this is a critical question for everyone in leadership to answer. And, to understand that the answer keeps changing – along with the business climate and the needs, passions and goals of our employees.

While there are many ways to energize and inspire our teams, soliciting suggestions tops the list. When people have a say in their future and are invested in the outcomes they pay attention, go the extra mile, and do what it takes to achieve success. Asking for their input – and using it whenever possible – means that everyone has “skin in the game.” And then, everyone wants to win.

So, here are some pointers:

1. Ask your team members to offer suggestions with a specific purpose – whether to improve a process or to improve service to your customers!
2. After the suggestions come in, respond quickly! Act with a sense of urgency so that they know you are listening and really want to involve them.
3. Acknowledge every suggestion – even the small ones. Small ideas often morph into larger ones. Everyone needs the boss to listen!

Publicly thank, recognize and reward those suggestions that are able to be used. Then, ensure that those who suggested them are involved in the implementation – don't take the idea and assign it to someone else! Let them help to see it through. Celebrate!

When employees feel that they are contributing to the overall success of the department, project or company, they are connected to that which is bigger than the self. And those employees are engaged, inspired and energized. Oh, by the way, they are also productive – even on a Monday!

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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