Inspirational Infusion

#26 — May 1, 2011

The place you are in needs you today.

— Katherine Logan

Welcome, Inspired Traveler:

Strategic Planning. Futures. Charting the Course. Innovation for Tomorrow. These are words that fill organizations, departments and even our homes with energy, excitement and, yes, stress! As leaders we are often called upon to map out the future — and that can be a wonderful thing!

But focusing all of our attention on the future can pull us away from those who are in real and present need of our talents right now, in this moment.

You are in a leadership position because someone believed in you; someone saw your potential and opened a door that you chose to walk through, and then, with all of your gifts and abilities, you lead others through that very same door.

In order to lead into the future, we must keep one foot firmly planted in the present. We must be responsive to the needs and desires of those who trust us enough to follow and are loyal enough to walk through doors and, often, up the mountain into unchartered territory because it is we who are doing the leading.

Living in the moment is challenging in this crazybusy world we live in but here are some thoughts to help you remain centered while those around you flounder furiously towards the future:

Are you so busy looking for new customers that you forget those you currently have?

Are you capturing the successes of today so that others can revel in their moment of glory?

Are you willing to really be there for those in need, at this particular moment, in this world?

Are you aware of the needs of those you serve and are you meeting those needs — right now?

Leaders today face the temptation to be so focused on the to-do lists of tomorrow that we miss the to-be lists of today. And, if we miss them, those moments of joy, success and growth may never come to us again. This place needs you — Right here. Right now. With all you have to offer. All you have to do is Be There! In the moment! With excellence! Really!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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