Inspirational Infusion

#27 — June 1, 2011

Heart, Instinct, Principles

— Blaise Pascal

Welcome, Inspired Traveler:

It does not seem possible that we are already at the half-year mark! How quickly time has flown by, and at this six-month mark some of us take an inventory of things accomplished thus far. As leaders, we are constantly measuring our progress — as we lead our organizations, our families and our communities. For, as we know, leadership is not held within the boundaries of walls and structures. Leadership is housed in the soul of our being and is ever flowing out of us.

But, leadership can be so focused on our accomplishments and our creations, that we become so very attached! Come on, now, I have that list, don’t you?! But, take a moment on a warm summer day and accept my invitation to think about a recent revelation I have had:

Our job as leaders is not to create excellence, joy, processes or systems, happiness or success. But, rather, it seems that our job is to stop interfering with its creation! Our job is, as Pascal said, to use our heart, instincts and principles. The operational needs are the easy part! Our job is to inspire the joy, excellence and all of the other wonders that people in our lives have the potential to create. Through inspirational leadership, we support others in their creation — if we can get out of the way! Not easy to do in a world that is highly measured and highly attached to outcomes.

So, sip a lemonade, spend some time in reflection and renewal, and ask a few questions:

Am I devoted to removing obstacles so that others may achieve greatness?

Am I determined not to meddle in the creative process but to allow it?

Do I make it harder to say “no” than to say “yes”, or do I create barriers to change?

None of these questions are easy to answer; nor is it easy to remain detached enough to answer honestly. But if we are brave enough to look inside ourselves as leaders, not only will it be a bright summer, but a brighter future for all we touch in the world. Lead with your heart! Trust your instincts! Remember and live by the principles that you hold dear! And then, sit and watch as the wonder unfolds!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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