Inspirational Infusion

#28 — July 1, 2011

There are two kinds of people — those who come into a room and say,
“Well, here I am!” and
Those who come in and say,
“Ah, there you are.”

— Frederick L. Collins

Welcome, Inspired Traveler:

In order to serve those who entrust us as leaders, a shift needs to occur. And this is a challenging shift to make in the world in which we live; a world that values heroes, worships celebrity and is always looking for the next “big deal.” This is the shift that leaders must make from “I” to “we.”

It is not a shift that comes easily and it is not a shift that may initially be recognized by the larger world. But, it is a shift that, as history proves, is sustainable and life-changing. It is, I believe, a hallmark of leadership at its best.

Think back to those leaders who have made a difference in your life — or in the world — or to someone you know — or to a group that struggled to find its voice. Now, think of those leaders who helped them achieve their success and find their voices. Chances are, those leaders placed the needs of others before their own. They lived and led with a quest for service rather than self; and yet, both were probably served very well.

The shift from “I” to “we” will take time, commitment and resilience — all considerations of leadership — but the world will be better served and those you lead will grow and evolve in ways that may astound you. So, as you move forward during these summer months, shift your thinking, just a bit:

Not: Here I am, BUT: There you are!

Not: I need this, BUT: How can I help?

Not: This is my story, BUT: Tell me about your goals.

The world may be surprised at your offers. The world may be suspicious of your intent. But, do not be discouraged. Carry the source that all successful leaders have carried with them throughout the ages: a deeply rooted desire to help, a focus on achieving the goals of those served, and enough compassion to unleash the possibilities and passion of all the people we touch!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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