Inspirational Infusion

#29 — August 1, 2011

A really great talent finds its
happiness in execution.

— Goethe

Welcome, Inspired Traveler:

During these summer months, our creative minds are often working overtime. After all, when the world slows down, we have a bit more opportunity to be contemplative, thoughtful and, yes, to daydream! Throughout history, we have seen that exceptional leaders spent time in reflection away from the crowds that normally surrounded them. So — why should we be any different? Why not give our creative side a chance to blossom into innovative ideas?

However, many ridiculously wonderful ideas fall by the wayside and stay in dreamland! True talent in leadership breaks through the boundaries of success and achievement; great talent rejoices in the execution of those ideas — even, if they come from sources outside ourselves. In fact, many talents are not realized because the dream never moves to execution. So, how can you increase your success as a leader, as well as your happiness? How about thinking about these questions:

Do You:

Integrate learning opportunities into everyday operations?

Leverage the power of trust in the workplace?

Encourage your staff to learn informally as life-long learners?

Groom your staff in the art of emotional intelligence in business?

My hope is that the above questions — while challenging to take on honestly — will shift you into high gear for the balance of this summer season. It seems that, especially in the summer, we should be able to live at new levels of happiness. And happiness is accomplished by ocean swims, ice cream cones in the middle of the day, flip flops and, yes, excellence in execution that brings great things to the world. So, kick back, plan the plan and get it done; then, go have some ice-cream!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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