Inspirational Infusion

#30 — September 1, 2011

What do you pack to pursue a dream
What do you leave behind?

— Sandra Sharpe

Greetings, Inspired Traveler:

If you have been in a leadership position, even for a short time, you probably have come to the understanding that moving forward into a vision requires the same kind of packing skills that we use when going off to college or moving into that first apartment. We are faced with the same dilemma — what do we need in order to be successful and what must be left behind? The question was not easy then (…but I love that lava lamp!) and it is not easy now (…but I need all those files in case the computer crashes…).

As leaders who serve a multitude of customers, knowing the new skills I must acquire in order to create ridiculously wonderful customer experiences is all part of the leadership journey. It is an ever evolving one that demands new skills and requires us to enhance current ones. In order to play to my strengths, as the saying goes, I must walk the edge between managing in the moment and preparing for the future — even if I am uncertain as to what that future will bring.

We must also make careful decisions as to what to leave behind; sometimes, we must recognize that our time must be spent in different ways if we are to continue to lead with relevancy. When we must hand over parts of our role that we enjoy or that we excel at, there is the pain of letting go. Not easy.

Reassessing is, at times, a process that is easier to help others accomplish than it is to do for ourselves! But, reassess we must, if we are to continue to mature in our leadership abilities. So, do you honestly:

Set aside regular intervals of reflection to assess changes in the needs of those you serve?

Re-define your dreams and focus on achieving them?

Delegate those parts of your job that prevent you working “larger?”

Commit to learning new skills that will increase your value to those you serve?

Packing and unpacking is not usually fun but it is increasingly necessary if we are to bring about innovative solutions for those we serve. It is uncomfortable and can be uncertain. But at the end of the day, your staff, your clients and your larger self will appreciate your focus, your ability to create sustainable change and the way you make meaning in this crazy world. And, if the lava lamps actually make a come-back? Well, you’ll reach into your past, smile, and bring them on!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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