Inspirational Infusion

#31 — October 1, 2011

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation
and only one bad one to lose it.

— Benjamin Franklin

Welcome, Inspired Traveler:

For those of us in the service industry — and who isn’t — reputation is everything. Increased competition, a struggling economy and limited funds are all contributing to a business climate where one’s record of performance is critical to success. That success can be compromised by the actions of one, singular individual.

Case in point: I recently had business in a city where I regularly stay at a hotel whose brand was built upon the hospitality legacy of its founder. During my stay, unbeknownst to me, some of my personal information was given out, over the phone and by fax, without my knowledge. In a world where identity protection is of paramount importance, this was a grievous error. But, the error was compounded by the lack of response from the hotel.

Not only did the general manager not return my calls, the corporate office was also unresponsive. Consequently, I will no longer use their services, and this will make for a great training story in the years to come to the many audiences I serve!

My point is this: Ben Franklin was right! All of the history in the world will not compensate for the employee whose choices cast a negative light on all the good that you do. So consider the following:

Is your method of evaluating performance only focused on the technical aspects of the job?

Do you excuse poor performance by saying “Oh, that’s just the way he/she is.”

Do you avoid addressing challenging issues because you fear conflict?

Does your staff or leadership ignore issues and hope they go away?

If the above answers are true today, don’t let them be true tomorrow. For that is where your future lies!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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