Inspirational Infusion

#37 — April 1, 2012

Education is the mother of leadership.

— Wendell L. Willkie

Welcome, Inspired Traveler!

At the core of any successful business endeavor lie the seeds of the foundation created by lessons learned along the way. You are the leader and your experiences are wide, deep and rich. And, someday, you will be recognized for the depth and breadth of your knowledge and called to another level of leadership. Who will carry on when you are carried ahead?

One of the primary responsibilities of leadership is providing for the future. And yet, much of what is shared with departmental teams and employees stretches no further than the requirements of daily operational needs. Have you fallen into that trap?

Who will prepare your team for future success — if not you? Who will create an environment where people can reach their full potential — if not you? Who will encourage people to see the possibilities — if not you? Step into the future! As a leader, give yourself the gift of a walk in the sunshine of a spring day and ask yourself the following questions.

Do my team members really understand:

the way this organization makes money?
the most effective ways to work?
where we sit with our competition?
how profitable the business really is?

If we, as leaders, want to prepare others for a more successful future, if we want to create a sustainable legacy, then we have a responsibility to train, to teach and to educate those we work with on “the business of business.” So many bright minds are denied this education because of the “they’re only a front-line employee” mentality. Spring into action! Nurture those you work with. Watch them blossom! Then — you can go plant a bigger garden knowing that you have fashioned a fertile ground for continued growth.

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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