Inspirational Infusion

#43 — October 1, 2012

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

— Demosthenes

Welcome, Inspired Traveler!

I have found that most managers and leaders in organizations are a humble lot. They go about their days helping, serving, leading, removing obstacles, and being the unsung heroes of many. Yes, middle management is, sometimes, a hard place to live. And so, I thought it was about time to really shine the spotlight on all of you who do so much for so many. All of you who inspire others regularly!

So, here is a celebration of all the things you do, as you move, inspirationally, throughout your day, linking people, passion and possibilities, in the many roles you play:

Talent Scout! You discover, utilize and highlight the gifts of those who serve for the highest good of all. What could be better for the company, the customer or the co-workers?
Compassionate Critic! With the power and grace of words, you offer thoughtful guidance and feedback on performance and progress — without the drama!
Inspirational Coach! You support your team in reaching farther than they ever imagined they could go. Preparing for the future helps the organization grow, the staff advance and the customers benefit. No fouls here!
Cheerleader Extraordinaire! You link people with their passions within the framework of business goals and objectives. Encouraging, supporting and cheering everyone on to success is a regular part of your day — no pom poms needed!
Excellent Educator! You expand the horizons of those you lead and share resources for operational excellence and personal development. You open the door to new possibilities and connect the present with the future, using the past as a foundation. Good grades are expected!

So, here’s to all of you who continue to recognize talent, offer meaningful feedback, coach, cheer and train! Have faith that all those you lead will benefit from your efforts — sometimes today and, sometimes, in the years to come!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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