Inspirational Infusion

#44 — November 1, 2012

The great leaders are like the best conductors —
they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.

— Blaine Lee

Welcome, Inspired Traveler!

As leaders, there are many ways you prepare for the future. On the East Coast this week many of us had to prepare for the late season arrival of Hurricane Sandy! And, as part of that preparation, ensuring that those we serve were safely ready to greet Mother Nature. Orchestration was needed!

Thankfully, hurricanes and other disasters only happen occasionally! But every day you prepare your team to succeed; to put into practice all that they have learned; to move them from rehearsal into implementation. And that is a challenge. Here are some tips to help you:

! Right Person, Right Learning. Is everyone learning what they need to learn in order to meet goals? Simply filling seats in a classroom serves no one.
! Timing is Everything. Is your learning timed to implementation? Lessons unable to be implemented now serve no one.
! Managers as Motivators. The most important person in supporting learning is not the trainer — it is the manager. Unmotivated managers serve no one.

As leaders, we are thankful for the teams who take up the cause, learn the lessons and are committed to performance improvement. As followers, we are thankful for leaders who do not shy away from new processes, provide training in spite of tough economic times, and always give us the ability to use the lessons learned. We are all in tune with each other.

At this time of giving thanks, we are thankful for those who taught us powerful lessons and showed us how to use them. Make sure that, because of your choices, your team is prepared to thank you for the same!! It will be music to all our ears.

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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