Inspirational Infusion

#46 — January 1, 2013

This is not simply the beginning of a new chapter!
This is the beginning of a whole new book.
Take care with how you write it!

— Deborah Darlington, MA D.Div

Welcome, Inspired Traveler!

It may seem a bit brazen to begin with my own quote, but these are times that require a certain brazenness as well as a good amount of inspiration. A new year is beginning and a new energy emerging that leaders of organizations would be well served by heeding.

The economic landscape remains in turmoil, the human condition is, well, human, and we stand at the precipice of a cliff that has many different names. This is not the time to re-write history, nor is it the time to write a new chapter. This year, I believe, requires a whole new book! And you, my inspired travelers, are just the ones to write it!

If not you, who? If not now, when? The words written in the past will not serve us and the processes used before will not solve the issues of the new year; so step up, take pen in hand and create that new future of success, rooted in integrity, excellence and service. The world is ready! And it is waiting for your talents and gifts.

All of us at InspirationInProgress wish you the happiest and most successful of New Years. We also have faith in your willingness and ability to write the book for the future; a book in which people are more important than paperwork and procedures, where profit is measured both in substance and spirit, and where each chapter is written with the intention of creating wealth of all types for the highest good of all.

This is no light reading material! It is the new book for a new world where your passion will link people and possibilities in order to provide the highest level of service ever seen!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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