Inspirational Infusion

#49 — April 1, 2013

The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

— Henry David Thoreau

Greetings, Inspired Traveler:

Happy April! This marks the beginning of my fifth year of InspirationInProgress and never, in my wildest imagination, did I dream that my business would be as successful and all of us here as fulfilled as we are. So, this is a thank you to all of you who have contributed, partnered, supported and believed in the power of potential and the building of spirit-filled work places where ridiculously wonderful customer experiences are created every day. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Over the last four years, you have:

Increased your Self-Awareness
Ramped up the Learning
Heightened your Emotional Intelligence
Built your Relationships and Influence
Inspired and Engaged Others
Developed Teams
Moved from Communication to Conversation
Enhanced your Corporate Culture

We are blessed that you have placed your faith in our ability to co-create healthy, productive and engaging work places, and that your organizations, employees and customers have all benefited!

Here is to the future — an open canvas that invites us all to use our imaginations and paint new landscapes. Color outside the lines and use the full paint box!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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