Inspirational Infusion

#55 — October 1, 2013

It is only when we develop others
that we permanently succeed.

— Harvey S. Firestone

Welcome, Inspired Traveler:

It’s that time of year again. Autumn. When the changing of the seasons and the falling of leaves remind us of our own need to shed the old and welcome a time of development. Fall is often the time for promotions and for shifting responsibilities within our organizations. As the leader, are you ready? And, as the leader, are you positioning others for success in their careers?

There is no doubt that a reputation for developing people, enhancing their gifts, and increasing their value to business and to the world is one of the most critical and defining leadership skills. But how do you make time and devote energy to those who deserve your expertise and support? And, when you have promoted someone, how do you encourage and support their success? Here are some tips:

Define their new role. Everyone needs clarity on the demands of the job and their performance. Outline the business needs, the political landscape, the corporate culture, and the expectations.
Shepherd them. Structure a program to guide newly promoted employees through the new gates of their position. Make introductions. Share information. Remove obstacles.
Meet regularly. Providing feedback through one-on-one conversations provides connection, helps to resolve issues and answers questions. Be a resource.
Bridge the learning gap. A newly promoted individual has much to learn. Outline the expectations and collaborate on a realistic time frame to address the learning curve. Help to reduce the stress, not intensify it.
Coach. Coach. Coach again. New positions require new skills, especially if a front-line employee is promoted into a supervisory position. The skills are different. Make sure you train on the new ones.

A new promotion is a time of celebration — so celebrate! And after the celebration, make sure the employee knows they have your complete support. If they fail, so does the leader.

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