Inspirational Infusion

#57 — December 1, 2013

I’m expected to do what’s right; I want to leave a legacy of positivity behind.

— Angie Stone

Welcome, Inspired Traveler:

Happy December! A month filled with celebrations, parties and reflections. During this time of year, we take stock, review and reflect before we jump into the new year with anticipation of great things to come.

For leaders, this is a time for us to consider our work, our support for those we lead and our contributions to the greater good of our organizations and our communities. It can be a daunting experience. In order to provide a bit of context within our departments and teams, I offer the following thoughts:

How have you contributed — really — to the growth and development of those you serve? Want to know the truth? Ask them!
How have you contributed to the stability of your team? Want to know the truth? Ask them!
What impact have you had on the lives of those you lead? Want to know the truth? Ask them!
Do your customers value your expertise? Want to know the truth? Ask them!

Dynamic leaders profoundly affect those they lead and those they serve. It is a role of honor and not one that any of us take lightly. Continuing development of technical, interpersonal and social skills transcends time, for while they are built on the past, they serve the present and they create the foundation of the future. This is your legacy! Treasure it. Reflect upon it. honor it. It is your calling.

And, as we close out the year and prepare to enter the unknown of the next one, here at InspirationInProgress we are honored for the place that each of you holds in our life. You are a part of our legacy and we wish you much joy during this season and as you enter into a future that we hope is bright and full of promise!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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