Inspirational Infusion

#6 - September 1, 2009

Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other.

                                                John F. Kennedy


Welcome, Inspired Traveler!


Throughout history leadership has been critical to the successes and failures of our world. We mark events, not only by the outcomes, but by and with the people who lead us through them. We admire strength, integrity and inspiration as defining characteristics of those who have moved ideas and people into a better reality.

Learning is a part of leadership, particularly inspirational leadership; for in order to move others forward to a better vision, learning must be integrated into the process. So, as usual, I am posing a few questions to help you link people and passion with the possibilities in front of you:

                What have you learned within the last 6 months that has made you better in some way?

                What have you taught in the last 6 months, by your words or actions, that has improved the lives of those you serve?

                What are you planning on learning by the end of the year that will add value to the world around you?

These are big questions and they demand thoughtful reflection - in fact, they deserve it. For, if you are reading this email - or sharing it with a friend or colleague - chances are, you are committed to inspiring others to greatness. So, self-assessment is what we do to keep things real!

Leadership and learning go hand in hand and neither is easy. In an age where budget cuts are common, resources are limited and time must be invested as carefully as money, learning cannot afford to be cut without diminishing the return.

So, make the case for self-learning each day; make the business case for professional development at every opportunity. For those who ask: "What if I train them and they leave," ask: "What if we donít - and they stay?"


Be magnificent! Be inspired!


Have an Inspirational Day!