Inspirational Infusion

#60 — March 1, 2014

Connection leads to commitment rather than compliance.

— Deborah Darlington

Welcome, Fellow Travelers:

Connection is about more than technology! While my Tech Advisor often deals with my frustration in the electronic world, we both understand that human connection is even more important than the tethers to our devices.

How connected are you with those you serve — including your customers and your colleagues? The topic of trust in the workplace has been in the spotlight recently and we contend that in order to build trust, we must establish and build connections. Our emotional, intellectual and professional connections are essential to personal and professional success. So, with limited time, overbooked schedules and multiple responsibilities, how do we invest in connections that will serve the greater good and produce the desired business results? Allow me to share some thoughts:

Listen Deeply! Being fully present and listening to understand creates trust.
Pay Attention! Giving our attention to others shows interest in and concern for them.
Praise Frequently! At every opportunity noticing good performance shows you care.
Be Open! Leaders who are willing to share of themselves instill a strong sense of trust.
Play Nice! Collaboration with a diverse work and customer group is a leadership must.
Seek Feedback! Actively soliciting input builds trust and keeps you connected to others.
Be Understanding! Our ability to be empathetic with others creates emotional connection.

Leaders are able to accomplish goals, satisfy customers and get the work done through the efforts of many. To ensure that those efforts are put forth with energy, focus and quality, we must establish and sustain meaningful and authentic connections. After all, we can’t plug in where there is no current!!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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