Inspirational Infusion

#63 — June 1, 2014

When you really listen to another person from their point of view,
and reflect back to them that understanding,
it's like giving them emotional oxygen.

— Stephen Covey

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Is your department or team emotionally healthy or does it remind you of a big and not-so-happy dysfunctional family? If spats and quarrels, conflict and the inability to maintain successful relationships is causing you to be less productive and have less fun at work than you would like, you might want to grab a cup of coffee and think about this: if we are spending our time at work (or at home or at school…) being protective rather than productive, are we creating more issues and stifling innovation instead of meeting our desired goals? With a big sigh, I offer: probably.

But, take heart! Here are some tips to move your team from emotional turmoil to emotional intelligence:

Consider how you handle failure. It is easy to focus so much on the failure of the moment that we neglect to notice the positive changes we can make. Review, discuss and improve.
See the gains that come from loss. With everything that is lost, something is usually gained, and yet we can miss the mark because we become engulfed in the trauma of the moment. Allow your team members to feel the loss, grieve it and then move on. As the leader, helping them to rediscover purpose could be your biggest gift.
Stop hitting the rewind button. Playing the failure tape repeatedly in our heads serves no one. Disrupt the cycle by concentrating on a different point of focus and a project that holds promise.
Offer compassion. Team members need compassion and kindness when they are troubled rather than another piece of “constructive criticism.” Be the source of understanding and support; the world is critical enough!
Affirm the value of people’s gifts. We all need affirmation at times, especially when we are suffering from moments of self-doubt and questioning our self-worth and contributions. Remind people that everyone suffers losses but that does not negate the loyalty, creativity and innovation that they bring to the team.
Promote togetherness. When we feel as if we have failed, we often isolate from others when, in reality, this is when we really need their support. Gather the troops, share a meal or a few laughs and remind everyone how important they are in the big picture.
Forgive. One word that has such a huge impact on who we are and how we see ourselves. If we have caused harm, apologize and let it go! If someone has harmed us, forgive them and move on. No one benefits by holding grudges!

Emotionally healthy teams understand how to succeed, fail, argue and support each other for the good of the whole. Contribute to the wholeness and watch your team be successful in the midst of difficulties and move past frustration and into fun!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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