Inspirational Infusion

#66 — September 1, 2014

The praise that comes from love
does not make us vain
but more humble.

— James M. Barrie

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

It may seem odd to use the word “love” in the workplace, but, in reality, we use it all the time. “I love my job.” “I love my boss.” “I love this company.” At least I hope you work in a place where you hear these acclamations all the time! Or, how about, “I love my team.” “I love this department.” “My boss loves my work.” There are too many people who rarely hear those words.

Now, I don’t believe in false praise or in giving praise where it is not deserved. But I also don’t believe in withholding it out of fear. Fear of ego taking over; fear of stopping the work; fear of having favorites. These are all falsehoods that hold us back from giving praise where praise is not just due, but craved and longed for.

Recent research by the Gallup team indicates a 10-20% drop in productivity and engagement when praise is not offered. And, just for the record, not being yelled at is not the same as praise!

Employees at all levels are more highly engaged, more productive and more committed when people appreciate their work — aren’t you? Praise doesn’t give us a big head, it gives us a big heart and a bigger desire to serve. So:

Be Inspirational! Speak from your heart with honest appreciation and enthusiasm.
Be Non-Judgmental! Give praise freely with no strings attached.
Be Personal! Praise people the way they prefer — public or private, verbal or written.
Be Fully Present! Praise in the moment of success — not weeks later.

It’s really pretty simple… wouldn’t you like to be praised for a job well done? Well, so would those who work on your team!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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