Inspirational Infusion

#67 — October 1, 2014

Customer Service is not a department;
it’s everyone’s job.

— Anonymous  

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

How do you define excellent service? Or, better question: How do your customers define excellent service? If you don’t know the answer to that question, your company — and its bottom line — could be in trouble.

My husband and I just returned from a 30th wedding anniversary celebratory cruise aboard one of the most storied sailing ships on the seas. We had sailed her before and found her service to be extra-ordinary. Indeed, it separated that experience from all other similar ones. This time, it was a different matter.

Please don’t misunderstand me; the service was very, very good. It just wasn’t as exemplary as it had been. Yes, we notice the details.

So, as you move about your day serving customers, do you notice the details that set your business apart from your competitors’? It is a challenging and unrelenting task: to always see your world from the eyes of an outsider — the customer.

Organizations who succeed at establishing service as a market differentiator invest heavily in training — face-to-face training. It is difficult to train interpersonal skills without human interaction. And the training includes new behaviors, skills and attitudes to reflect the current evolution of service expectations. And they ensure that everyone in the company understands that a successful interaction is not simply defined by added value and met expectations, but also by anticipation and prevention of future issues.

Service excellence demands many things but a strong sense of ownership is certainly primary. Service does not belong to one department or to one person, it is a shared responsibility. For that reason, training experiences must include everyone at every level, and must include hard and soft skills. Knowing the correct answers to questions without developing emotional intelligence and relationship building will not produce extra-ordinary results.

Collaboration, conflict management, the ability to influence, and interdisciplinary relationship building are all essentials of service. And all essential to sustaining a leadership position in your market segment. So, train well, monitor and praise daily, expect excellence from every member of the organization and sail into seas with service that sets you apart from the rest of the fleet!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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