Inspirational Infusion

#68 — November 1, 2014

It’s not only what we do, but also what we
do not do, for which we are accountable.

— Unknown  

Welome, Inspired Traveler!

The time is fast approaching when we will gather to give thanks. And there is a wide space within the role of leadership for that thanks to be pondered, recognized and expressed. We are thankful for those leaders who have inspired us throughout the year. We also hope that we have been the source of inspiration for those we serve through our leadership.

And so, as you take a moment to reflect, I offer these components of leadership for consideration:

Excellence: Great leaders strive to be the best at what they do, consistently, and to serve as a role model that inspires others.
So: Do you? Really?

Respect: Great leaders treat all they serve with dignity, and value the talents and needs that others bring to the table.
So: Do you? Really?

Accountability: Great leaders hold themselves accountable in all situations and understand that self-accountability is always ground zero.
So: Do you? Really?

Compassion: Great leaders use their heads and lead with their hearts. They understand that each individual is a compilation of emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical attributes; each attribute deserves to be acknowledged and honored.
So: Do you? Really?

Integrity: Great leaders are open and honest in their words and their actions. Each choice is an ethical one, made for the highest good of all.
So: Do you? Really?

Now, to be honest, if we want to really reflect upon our choices, as leaders, over the past year, we might want to ask those we lead to answer those questions and evaluate our performance. So, great leadership also requires great courage and great humility.

Aren’t you glad that every year we give thanks and every year we have the opportunity to ponder, recognize and express that thanks? And we also have the chance to begin again!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be Magnificent!

Have an Inspirational Day!


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