Inspirational Infusion

#69 — December 1, 2014

The good life is a process, not a state of being.
It is a direction, not a destination.

— Carl Rogers 

Greetings, Inspired Traveler:

Let me wish all of you a joyous and happy holiday season — however you celebrate. 2014 is coming to an end and, along with it, we face the beginning of a new year. I hope that we are all able to take a few quiet moments out of extremely busy days and reflect upon all we have to be thankful for in this world and in our work. And let me add that I am thankful for your continued presence in the life of InspirationInProgress and the many roles my practice plays in your professional lives.

This is the time of year where office parties share the calendar with office planning sessions, where revelry and review fill our days, and where gifts are both given and received. As it should be. It is also the time of year to re-evaluate our direction and mull over possible changes as we sip some mulled wine.

In order to jump-start the mulling, gather your cinnamon sticks and some wine or cider and contemplate the following:

In the coming year, if I know I would not fail, what would I attempt?
In the coming year, who could be a resource for me to draw upon?
In the coming year, what could be my first step toward success?
In the coming year, what challenges could slow my progress?
What are my intentions in the pursuit of this goal?
How will I celebrate the successes — great and small?

I offer these questions as a way of suggesting that, without knowing where we ourselves are headed, it is almost impossible to lead others to a particular destination. Leaders must always give time to themselves to decide: stay the course or switch direction. The choice is not always easy but is necessary.

After all, if Santa was never willing to change direction, he might never find our new homes or offices!

Wishing you a Blissful Holiday season and hoping that all of your future directions lead you to success!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


InspirationInProgress has a whole new list of ways it has helped clients over the past year, through workshops, retreats and coaching. While many clients have changed direction, we have always accompanied them and supported their work. Give us a call: 215 260 1611 or drop us a line: and allow us the privilege of walking with you!