Inspirational Infusion

#7 - October 1, 2009

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.

Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

                                                Winston Churchill


Welcome, Inspired Traveler!


                October is here, the colors are changing into shades of burnt oranges and crimsons and leaves are beginning to fall. The air is crisp, the kids are back in school and lives have emerged from sleepy summer days to be pulled into the rush of activities and projects. Fall is for the courageous leader.

                Courage is preparing for the winter that is to come. For the harsh air, the bitter winds and the constantly changeable conditions - and I'm not just talking about the weather! In companies - and in lives - all across this country, having the courage to speak up when integrity and intention are not in alignment is becoming more expected - but not necessarily easier! To be bold enough, honest enough and, yes, courageous enough to bring new ideas to the table is not easy. In doing so we put ourselves on the line and, in the turbulent whitewaters of today's world, it appears easier just to keep the oars in the water without making waves.

                 Courage also requires us to sit and listen in silence. For it is, at times, during the "white space" between the words when thoughts and ideas will flourish with innovation and creativity. Different perspectives bring about new and exciting outcomes and processes - but only when we are quiet enough to hear the voices of those around us. Inclusively.

                Leadership has been defined many ways by many people but, in essence, I believe it is the ability to see a new vision of the future and, then, to guide others to its creation and success. And that, my fellow Inspired Travelers, requires courage.

  • The courage to lead requires the courage to serve.
  • The courage to lead requires the courage to speak out.
  • The courage to lead requires the courage to keep silent and listen.
  • The courage to lead requires the courage to move from intention to action with conviction.
  • The courage to lead requires the courage to place the good of the whole before the desires of the individual without disrespecting either one.

                I wish you a Fall filled with courageous acts of the mind AND of the soul. Acts that will support your words and speak loudly and clearly in moments of silence.

Have an Inspirational Day! Be Magnificent!



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