Inspirational Infusion

#70 — January 1, 2015

Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work;
a company work; a society work; a civilization work.

— Vince Lombardi 

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

As we enter the new year we know that we will face many challenges as leaders. Whether we are leaders in our businesses, communities or families, the responsibilities are great. So, how will this year be different? How will we prepare? Will we seek - and be committed to - new and inspiring initiatives, or will we fall into complacency believing in “business as usual?” We know that that isn’t true - don’t we?!

How will you - as a leader - gain attention in a world that has such a brief attention span? How will you maintain focus in spaces that are overrun with distractions? According to people who love to measure things, our ability to pay attention is diminishing each day. The human attention span is now only 8 seconds! We check our smartphones 150 times each day! And, those important emails that you send? 43% of people report that they ignore or delete them if they are too long! Yikes! What’s a leader to do?

In order to help you meet the New Year in a way that brings you results, let me offer you this:

Be prepared! Invest in your message before you walk into the room. No one wants to attend an hour long meeting when 30 minutes will do!
Speak in Sound Bites! Have a point and share it at the beginning! Lead with the priority that catches attention. Don’t let it get lost in details.
Know your audience! What do they need from you - really? Balance the details with the big picture and speak succinctly!
Paint the Visual Picture! A visual aid can keep things uncomplicated and capture attention - at least for a few seconds!
Talk less. Listen More! Conversation is key. Questions garner more interest than pronouncements. Give your audience an invitation to invest in the outcomes through discussion.

The pace of life is not going to slow down, and the amount of information we have access to is going to increase. Sometimes the most attention-getting thing you can do as a leader is speak less, invite more and always be prepared!

From all of us at InspirationInProgress - we wish you the happiest and most prosperous of New Years, and one where your leadership will have everyone’s full attention!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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