Inspirational Infusion

#74 — May 1, 2015

Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

— Miguel Angel Ruiz

Welcome, Inspired Travelers!

Happy Spring! Baseball season is in full swing (sorry!) and many of us will be spending time in ballparks across the country. Some of these parks will be for professional players and filled with people stepping away from the workday to enjoy the art of the game. Other parks will embrace youngsters learning about the game and the value and power of a team. And some of us will be running the bases and awakening muscles that have been dormant during the winter. However we participate, we are there!

In much the same way, each day when we enter the workplace we engage in the play of business, the art of building relationship, and the service of caring for customers. The question is: Do we really bring our “A Games” or are we sitting on the sidelines and settling — offering a mediocre performance? We wouldn’t fill the ballparks if we felt that the players were just marking time. So why should others follow us and respect us if we are not fully engaged and bringing our best? Hmmm…

Whether we reflect in the sunshine of a park or in the office space that we are given, reflection is needed…

Did I bring my “A Game” to inspire my colleagues today?
Did I bring my “A Game” to all of the learning opportunities I had today?
Did I bring my “A Game” to building relationships today?
Did I bring my “A Game” to all of the meetings today?
Did I bring my “A Game” to help someone today?

If we are not bringing our absolute best, at some point people will seek a new leader. If we are not bringing our absolute best, we diminish our role and all those we serve. If we are not bringing our best, someone else will step in while we sit on the bench.

Bring your “A Game” — always! And then listen to the cheers!

Be Magnificent!
Have an Inspirational Day!


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