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#76 — July 1, 2015

Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.

— Peter Drucker

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

As leaders, we face a great deal of stress in our lives. Pressures of work, home, family, finances, kids and life in general take their toll. Don’t you wish you could reduce just a bit of that craziness? Especially in the warm summer months? Well, not only can you reduce it for yourself, you should also consider reducing it for those whom you lead - your staff! Consider - honestly - for a moment, if any of these choices are applicable to you. Have you:

Reduced staff — to the point of being inadequately staffed? In times of economic uncertainty and serious belt-tightening, cutting out positions or delaying re-hiring can be disastrous. Both customers and employees suffer; productivity crashes and people burn out. Stress wins!
Decreased pay — or put a hold on increases, while asking people to work harder? Occasionally, everyone must take one for the team. But when the team - the company - retains all of the profits while asking its employees to forgo financial rewards, morale takes a beating. Stress wins!
Muddied job expectations — to the point where “everyone does everything” is the law of the land? The redistribution of work is a strategic leadership function. Dumping on employees is dangerous and undermines the integrity of your organizational structure. Stress wins!

Recent research indicates that management choices and behaviors are, in many cases, the primary causes of stress in the workplace. This information is often not even on management’s radar. Put in on yours so that you are not the source of the stress.

Use the summer months to reflect, review and revise your approach to leadership and reduce the stress of your staff. Then, with a thoughtful eye, watch as morale, customer satisfaction and productivity increase. And, of course, ice cream on a hot summer day always helps!

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