Inspirational Infusion

#77 — August 1, 2015

… business can and must be a messenger of peace.

— Ban Ki-moon

Greetings, Inspired Travelers:

I am not a very political person. Really. I listen. I vote. I tend not to get wrapped up in rhetoric — especially early in the game when there is so much bravado in the air. But… have you heard the things coming out of the mouths of those seeking the Presidency? Really? Does it push buttons for you — in any direction?

Sometimes, the message is missed because of the messenger. Regardless of which side of the aisle we sit on, our thoughts and our ability to receive messages, consider them, and act upon them are dependent upon the messenger. So, what does this mean for you, as a leader?

Be impeccable with your words. Be impeccable with your presence. Be impeccable with your being. If the words we speak, as leaders, are not in alignment with our actions and our belief systems, will anyone listen to the message? Really?

Leaders who do not understand the power of presence and the power of language will struggle to garner and sustain a followership that consistently drives excellence, fosters creativity and expands the changes necessary for growth.

Do your words and your actions:

Invoke respect at all times?
Create a circle of inclusivity for all?
Support the highest good of all?
Contribute to the growth of both people and profits?

Like I said, I am not very political. But I do notice the alignment of a leader’s language and life. And so do those you serve. Is your message getting lost because of your choices as the messenger? Big question. No bravado.

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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