Inspirational Infusion

#79 — October 1, 2015

Be the chief
but never the lord.

— Lao Tzu

Greetings, Inspired Travelers:

Last month’s newsletter focused on providing ridiculously wonderful 5-Star Service. However, without the right leadership skills and the ability to develop a team, that service will evade us. So, have you taken an inventory of how you stack up? Here are some points that might help shift your perspective, move you to action and get you going and growing!

Customer Fixation. Steven Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.” Leaders fixate on their customer’s needs and allow that to drive the business.
Extreme Ownership. “Not my job” is not in a leader’s vocabulary. They focus on the goal and don’t rely on quick fixes when long-term planning is needed.
Select the Best and Train Them. Hiring is about selection, not filling a vacancy. Hire exceptional talent and invest in them. Coach. Mentor. That’s what leaders do!
Command High Standards. Leaders don’t settle and are constantly raising the bar. For themselves and those they lead. When others begin to expect commitment to standards from themselves, leaders know they are leading.
Inspire Big. Thinking small serves no one. Not the customer, not the company and not the co-workers. Inspiration is a key quality in radical leaders. Inspiration brings out the best in everyone.
Stewardship. Leaders respect their resources and encourage others to do the same. They honor what they have and use it well to serve all.
Learn for Life. Life-long learning is a trademark of a leader who recognizes that the skills of yesterday will not support the needs of today or tomorrow. Open up to exploration and support others as they discover new skills.
Secure Trust and Respect. Use compassionate honesty to develop strong and trusting relationships with everyone so that the highest good of all can be served.
Deliver. Leaders must produce the desired results without damaging relationships or connections. Not an easy task, but one that catapults a career.

I admit that this is not an easy list. It requires self-reflection, honesty and some change. But it’s October - have another pumpkin latte and then - get busy!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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