Inspirational Infusion

#82 — January 1, 2016

The greatest weapon against stress
is our ability to choose one thought over another.

— William James

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

How would it change your life and the life of your department or company if 2016 was The Year of Less Stress? I thought so! As we finish our reflections on the past and set our hopes on the future, one of my hopes is for more balance and less stress for myself, my family, my clients and the world. Dream big or go home!

With the world seemingly at odds with itself, the pressures of business and the challenges of family life, a desire for less stress might seem like pie-in-the-sky. But … I love pie! So, here are some thoughts on creating a better year for those you lead and those you love:

Stress is not simply the events in our lives; it is our response to those events! Every response is a matter of choice and awareness! Let’s start paying more attention to both.
Stop ignoring the negative influences and make a choice: fix it or free it. Holding on will not help. Make the choice that you know is right - however hard it might be.
Stop managing time; start managing energy.
No more excuses! Leaders understand that each excuse simply delays the excellence they are trying to achieve and puts the operation at risk. Let compassionate honesty be your guiding strength.
Be kind - to those you serve and to yourself! We all make mistakes. Recognize it. Own it. And move on. You’ll do better next time!

As we grow into the new year, we grow into ourselves. When we live our authentic lives and understand our life’s mission and goals, we are focused and honest, and we strive for excellence. And that, my friends, makes us all better leaders and better lifers! And that is how we serve the world!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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