Inspirational Infusion

#84 — March 1, 2016

As a leader, you have to be authentic and constantly connecting with employees

— Jeff Immelt

Greetings, Inspired Travelers:

Are you involved with the employee engagement efforts at your organization? If not, you might want to consider how you can contribute to one of the deepest responsibilities of leadership today: supporting the staff you lead and strengthening the team through deep engagement.

I recently gave the keynote address at the PennSuburban Chamber of Commerce Women’s Committee. The topic of the presentation was: Mindful Management, The Key to Engagement. In this speech I outlined the equation for creating and maintaining high levels of engagement and utilizing the tool of Mindfulness as the key to this equation.

On a departmental level, the question often is — How do you know when you are in danger of losing your best team members? Well, here are some thoughts:

1. Team members are no longer interested in contributing outside of their standard hours or responsibilities. Their agreed upon job description is as good as it gets.
2. Team members do what is required and no more. The extension of excellence in service to the greater mission is diminished.
3. Team members are slow to recommend your company or department to others as a great place to have a career. Or a job.
4. Team members are already planning their next move — and it’s not with you!
5. Team members suddenly do not support others, or do not willingly offer consideration, respect and compassion to co-workers in need.

If you are sensing any of the above in your current team, pay attention! Disengagement can be on the rise and it is a slow and often silent killer of morale, mission and, ultimately, productivity. A leader is mindfully connected to everyone on the team. Are you? Really?

And, by the way, if you are interested in bringing that keynote, Mindful Management: The Key to Engagement, to your organization, drop me a line. I’d love to help you help your leaders succeed!

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