Inspirational Infusion

#85 — April 1, 2016

Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.

— Robert McNamara, former president Ford Motor Company

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

As we move into spring, you might want to ask yourself - are my employees preparing to move on? It is that time of year, after all. And, as is usually the case, the first team members to leave are the cream of the crop. After all, everyone wants them. So, how do you sustain their engagement, keep them connected to the organization’s mission and help them grow their careers? Well, I have a few suggestions:

Provide purposeful work. Without meaning, work has little value beyond a paycheck. And exemplary employees are not motivated by salary alone. Sustain the vision and value of their work by connecting it to that of the organization.
Provide a variety of responsibilities. Doing the same thing every day is the kiss of death for an ambitious team member. Boredom will drive them out your door. Challenge them with complex problems to solve. Get their brains involved with their hearts.
Provide autonomy. Lots of it. High performers do not like to be managed or to work in hierarchical departments. Create the guidelines, structure the boundaries and let them fly.
Provide connection. Create an environment where people are encouraged to share information and develop relationships rather than fear. Leaders who foster connection develop teams that are interdependent and interdisciplinary, and those are the teams and the individuals who excel.
Provide rewards. Outstanding employees who do not receive merit increases, recognition and opportunities will seek those opportunities in other places. Do you want to be known as the place people leave or the place where everyone wants to work because they are appreciated?

Make no mistake, high turnover is, in large part, the result of faulty leadership. Focus on your team and their needs. Then step up to the plate and provide!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


At InspirationInProgress, Deborah Darlington assists leaders in the retention of their staff by helping them create purposeful, spirit-filled work places. To inspire your team, email her at or call at 215 260 1611.