Inspirational Infusion

#86 — May 1, 2016

Business is a conversation because the defining work of business is conversation - literally.

— David Weinberger

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Do you remember the first time someone promoted you to a Manager? Perhaps it was just a short time ago. Or, maybe, you are like me - of a certain age - and trying to remember the early days. No matter. What is important is how you step into that role or, today, how you are helping others to step into that role. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of business today. But, as you take a moment to read this newsletter, think about a few management basics:

Be Authentic. People don’t respect you because of a position. They respect you because you have earned their trust. Managers and leaders earn trust in many ways. But all of those ways involve open and honest conversations. Dialogue. Two voices. A lot of listening.

Set Goals. Have a conversation that sets expectations and outlines goals. And, listen to the goals of your team members. If you can align your goals with theirs, you have a winning combination. And you earn trust and respect.

Praise Accomplishments. Each time a team member reaches a goal or completes a portion of a multi-step one, take the time to acknowledge the work. Everyone needs positive feedback and encouragement in order to continue and to know that the work they are doing is important. These conversations build confidence. When you build confidence, you earn trust and respect.

Refocus Energy. When work begins to wander off course, recalculate the direction; and don’t wait until someone has to completely back-track. Helping team members stay focused and not become distracted or confused is a primary responsibility of managers. Correct the performance before it becomes a problem. Listen. Deeply. And then, offer guidance. Guidance and understanding, when given early, prevents performance issues from becoming serious. And, also builds trust and respect.

Celebrate Completion. Whenever a goal is completed, celebrate. Meet with the employee and review the steps that they took to ensure success. Listen to their triumphs, their learnings and their achievements. Give them the space to brag and echo it. Knowing that they are celebrated and appreciated builds trust and respect.

One of the big dangers for managers is becoming disconnected from those they lead. Frequent conversations that focus on the team members and the value they bring to the organization will serve everyone well. And, by the way, these conversations will make the department and the company more successful.

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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