Inspirational Infusion

#89 — August 1, 2016

True Wisdom requires a spiritual state to complete the “logic.”

— Richard Rohr

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Surprise! A corporate newsletter is not usually inspired by a quote referencing spirituality but, in this case, the quote is a loud and boisterous call to action for all of us. First, a definition, lest you think I am talking religion. I am not. Spirituality, in this context means: The connection to that which is larger than the self.

For some, the “larger than the self” can mean God. For others, it means the Universe and for still others it means the calling which we serve each and every day. However you define it, in today’s language, the quote above means - there is more to life and leadership than brains. There is a Bigness that overarches the logic and, in this case, I dare to call that Bigness: The Spirit of Compassionate Service. The Heart. There, I said it. Agree, disagree … but let’s make this thought the center of the conversation around team meetings and department strategy sessions. Who are you serving? Really?

What prompted this topic this month? Well, as you might imagine, an experience. An experience with a medical professional that did not go, shall we say, along the path of compassionate care. Within the healthcare industry, within any industry, in any leadership position, we would do well to ask: Why are we here? I would proffer that in the service business, we are here by choice not by chance. And if that is not the case, please … make another choice.

Competency in any service business is defined by both technical and interpersonal skills; by the gifts of the brain and the gifts of the heart. As a leader, if both aspects of our beings are not completely engaged in each encounter we are shortchanging those we serve, putting our professional reputations at risk and diminishing those around us. Think carefully and honestly: did I give my best today? Did I serve all with compassion and excellence? Are those that crossed my path and came to me for assistance better for having spent time with me?

Did I use my brain but lead with my heart? Were my actions today chance or choice?

Yes, in my upcoming seminars and workshops, this story will be told in its entirety. But, at the end of the day, I wish I had a story about spectacular service rather than spectacular self-service.

Want to hear it? We can arrange that!

Be Magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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