Inspirational Infusion

#9 - December 1, 2009

What you wish to experience, provide for another.

                                               Dalai Lama


Welcome, Inspired Traveler!

The holiday season has officially begun and with it comes all of the joy that we welcome and the craziness that we try to avoid - most times, unsuccessfully! If you are like me, reflective time becomes more difficult to set aside, saying "no" becomes more challenging, and the needs of others appear to have a more desperate ring to them. Ironically, at this time of year, for leaders and mentors, the words of the Dalai Lama ring more true than ever.

If we wish to experience the joy of the season, we must give it. If we wish to experience the power of personal growth, we must help others achieve it. If we wish to experience the celebration of success, we must guide others toward their own successes. This is, as the ads tell us, the "season of giving." But I suggest to you that there is a more powerful and meaningful gift than one that comes brightly wrapped in a box. It is a gift of the self.

This time of year is crazybusy for business leaders - year-end reports, goals for the coming year, assessments and budgets - the list goes on and on. We can become so wrapped up (no pun intended!) in tasks that we forget the most important part of our work - the development of those we lead and the continuation of  the journey toward our own personal goals.

If we want to experience growth, success, and passion, and unleash the possibilities in the world around us, we must invest the time and energy in helping others achieve their personal best. We must ask the honest and complicated questions - and then listen to the answers with valiant sincerity.

  • Are my customers better off for having worked with me?
  • Are the lives of my employees more fulfilling as a result of my leadership?
  • Are my organization's culture and results improved because I am a part of its evolution?

They are not easy questions and the answers may not always please us. But they are answers that will help us grow and allow us to offer more to those we serve.

May this season of giving bring you all as much joy as you give, as much happiness as you share and may you be served in the same spirit as you serve others.

Have an Inspirational Day! Be Magnificent!


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