Inspirational Infusion

#90 — September 1, 2016

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

— Simon Sinek

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

As the summer winds down, recruitment efforts and major projects wind up in most businesses. And, the war for talent continues. If you want to bring the most inspired, enthusiastic, talented and committed into your fold, you have to be inspirational, enthusiastic, talented and committed as well. Like attracts like, right?

So, in order to be one of those “Best Places to Work,” let’s understand that leadership at every level has an important role — especially at the mid-level management position. Here’s a short list to help you take inventory of your current investment in creating a spirit-filled and engaging work place people are honestly jazzed to be a part of.

1. Admit it: It’s Not All About the Money! While salary is important, studies continue to show that a fair wage will get people in the door but it will not keep them — not the best ones, anyway. So, pay a fair wage, offer appropriate bonuses, but, seriously, pay attention to the rest of this list!

2. Admit it: Mission Matters. Mission connects people to purpose and purpose connects people to … well … everything! Mission statements and values that hang on a wall mean nothing. But a strong mission, consistently lived throughout the organization, draws people in and inspires them. Recent research shows that companies with a live mission have retention rates 40 percent higher than those who don’t.

3. Admit it: Investing in Culture is Critical. Companies with a thick, positive corporate culture have been shown to both attract and maintain higher performers. In fact, some research indicates that 25 percent of employee engagement and happiness at work is due to the culture. So, ask. What are your employees inspired by and jazzed by? Figure it out and keep doing it!

4. Admit it: Put People Before Profit. Without your people, there is no profit and smart companies realize this. Say thank you. Give credit where it belongs. Be compassionately honest with feedback. Give your employees opportunities to grow. Really!

5. Admit it: Where There is No Opportunity, People Opt Out. At least the good ones do. Companies known for career advancement have stacks of resumes from purposeful people. How much training do you offer? Is coaching an option for high performers? What are all the ways you make it easy for staff to access learning? Or, do you only train when things go wrong?

6. Admit it: Leaders are Accountable for Their Leadership. Are you losing good people because no one wants to hold a boss accountable? Are the sacred cows actually thinning the herd? Pay attention to feedback and start hiring and developing leaders with technical and inspirational skills.

So, now that you’ve completed your self-assessment, can you be brave enough to ask your team what they honestly think? One of the most important attributes of a great company to work for is leaders who actively seek info and grow with it.

Be that leader! Create that culture! Be Magnificent!

Have an Inspirational Day!


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