Inspirational Infusion

#92 — November 1, 2016

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is
knowing how to get along with people.

— Theodore Roosevelt

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

Recently my husband and I took a much-needed vacation to visit my sister who is temporarily living in Geneva - I know, tough life!

While we were walking through one of the magnificent parks that the city offers its inhabitants, we happened upon a group of tightrope walkers practicing on wires strung between perfectly spaced trees. We stopped, took a few pictures and admired their ability to focus, concentrate and practice in the midst of the autumn beauty, children playing and us tourists making memories.

And because I do what I do and because you, dear readers, are never far away from me, my thoughts turned this mesmerizing scene into a metaphor for what you strive to do each day - manage! And that, like the scene we witnessed, is also a delicate balance.

The most important - and arguably difficult - responsibility a manager has is sharing the vision and executing the company’s strategy in a way that produces the desired business results. And that, as you all know, is challenging. The most successful managers accomplish this by creating, strengthening and managing relationships with all of the many personalities that compose a company. And the benefits of managing relationships well manifest themselves in many ways including great results, open and complete communication, compassionate honesty, and engagement that goes through the roof. These are the managers who know that being liked is important but being respected and trusted is the higher currency of management.

So, what will help you achieve success with your team and all those you work with?

Remember your Purpose! Focus on the job at hand and your responsibilities. You are expected to produce results, not win a popularity contest.
Develop your EQ! A high degree of emotional intelligence, that is, understanding our own emotions and their triggers, is vital for those in management positions. When you lose control, you lose respect and trust. Keep your cool.
Set Boundaries and Keep Them! Workplaces are filled with whitewater relationships that require navigation. Sharing the vision and executing the objectives while staying connected and in relationship is the balance that will keep you on the high wire.

As a manager, you must own all of the relationships you enter into and develop them with an appropriate sense of connectedness. Make a mistake? Own up to it. Team error? Take responsibility for it. Same problem with different employees? Be consistent and true to the goal.

The delicate balance for every manager is keeping a healthy tension between being trusted, respected and liked. Lose that balance and down you fall. And getting back on the wire is not easy. But with practice, you can do it! Someone trusted you enough to put you there! Take a breath, practice. Balance!

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


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