Inspirational Infusion

#96 — March 1, 2017

It is in middles that extremes clash,
where ambiguity restlessly rules.

— John Updike

Greetings, Inspired Travelers!

It seems as if the only thing business leaders can depend upon today is this: The only thing that is constant is change. Yes, change. And we all know how much people love change!

Living with ambiguity is a challenge for many; in fact, it is said that the sign of a truly developed and mature individual is the ability to live well with ambiguity - to be able to hold two opposing thoughts at the same time, in a healthy tension. Do you see yourself able to do this in your daily life? There are days I struggle. Still.

So, if this is the state of business today - are you hiring for it? Really? Are you choosing the candidates who can flex? Are those who are comfortable with change and able to live with some level of ambiguity staff that you seek? For many, these questions aren’t even on the radar.

So, how do we take these qualities and identify them in a practical, operationally driven, systems oriented world? Well, consider this:

Can they see the big picture? Consistent commitment in the midst of great change produces employees who can produce and be happy when others can’t.
Do they understand their influence and use it accordingly? Successful employees focus on what they can influence and control rather than on the issues they have no control over. These are the staff members who rarely become frustrated with “them.” Whoever “them” is - at the moment.
Are they threatened by the unknown? When employees are flexible and see the work and the world as a continuum, challenges are seen as obstacles rather than threats.
Can they share their frustrations and move through them? Those who struggle with change and ambiguity also struggle with sharing their worries with others. Connecting emotionally with colleagues and working through issues is a core competency for leaders today.

So, selecting and inspiring employees during times of change means you, as the leader, have to do your homework. And, by the way, you have to be comfortable with change as well. Using stress to move you forward - and teaching those you serve to do the same - are critical in today’s workforce.

So, as a good friend of mine often says - Bring it!

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


Deborah Darlington of InspirationInProgress is a change champion for organizations and individuals. If you are considering, living with, or battling the change process, give her a call at 215 260 1611 or drop a line at and let her help you through the process.