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Testimonial Success Stories

“Healthcare is in a period calling for organizational transformation and leadership focus, not just from the top but from all areas. Clarity of direction and understanding of purpose, “connecting the dots,” is critical. Deborah Darlington, and her “InspirationInProgress” expert advice uplifted over 250 key leaders in our organization with advice, tactics, and practical knowledge which corroborated our roles and motivated our spirits.

She is dynamic, humorous, expert, and on target. She offers the most comprehensive counsel in a world of change and keeps your feet on the ground and your head held high in the sky.”

-- Michael V. Sack, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hallmark Health System, Inc.

“Suspend your cynicism and use your training dollars to make a palpable difference in your workforce by taking your key staff to training led by Deborah Darlington. A group of union and non-union Mount Sinai Hospital employees spent a week with Deborah and returned to work revitalized, refocused and committed to work together to make a tangible difference. Changing behavior and perception is never easy, but Deborah has the ability to change people's way of thinking. A former group of Mount Sinai employees is now ready to make the dream of excellent service a reality...thank you Deborah.”

-- Jeff Cohen
Vice President, Labor Relations
The Mount Sinai Hospital

“Having worked professionally with Deborah Darlington over the past 4 years, I have found her presentations and workshops to be an inspirational call to service.  Her ability to light up an audience with passion, humor and knowledge has turned what in the past had been traditionally a lackluster day of training into a highly anticipated event within my firm.  She inspires us all to ask: What did you learn today? And then share the learning and go for more!  Deborah’s years of experience and vast breadth of knowledge have provided us with solid, applicable material shared through her soothing message of inspiration, honesty and compassion.  I would highly recommend Deborah for all of our training needs.”

-- Eric J. Kelman, CFP
Ameriprise Financial Services

"With her passion for spirit driven management, I have seen Deborah transform the naysayer into a believer. She has the uncanny ability to capture the heart and souls of those she trains. Her eighth hour of training is as fresh as her first and at the end of the day, the audience is always left wanting more of her insight and energy."

-- Barbara Chappetta
Corporate Director, Culinary and Nutrition Services
ACTS Retirement-Life Communities

“The Customer Experience education that you have conducted for us at Southampton Hospital has been both informational and motivating with an awesome presentation. We are already experiencing a positive attitude change throughout our hospital. You have re-energized our organization to excel in what we do best! Thank You!”

-- Sharon DiSunno, VP of Quality
Southampton Hospital

"Conducting a week-long retreat for healthcare professionals today is not easy; clinical staffs are tired, demoralized and skeptical. Deborah was not only up to the challenge, she exceeded everything we expected.

Her understanding of the obstacles we faced, the need to change our culture and eliminate existing silos was reflected in the materials she brought to the table and the energy she gave in memorable presentations.

Deborah brought creative, well constructed ideas and processes, and helped us design a new way of working that enhanced service to our customers and infused our work environment with positive energy.

Her presentation skills are exemplary and she received one of the highest evaluations of any speaker/trainer we have ever had. She blends intellect with inspiration and compassion and engages her audience from the exuberant opening words through the emotionally charged conclusion.

Deborah was wonderful to work with, thoroughly prepared and always gave us her all. Her enthusiasm was contagious and lingers long after the retreat was over.  Walking through our hallways, you are apt to hear people call out: 'what did you learn today?' or 'Where's the 'and them some?'

Most of all, her gifts bring out the gifts in others; we are better as an organization, as professionals and as people. I would highly recommend Deborah as an inspirational speaker and trainer."

-- Michael G. Guley, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Saints Medical Center



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