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InspirationInProgress workshops provide safe learning environments where people are given practical, valuable tools that produce successful, sustainable business results for the organizations they contribute to.

Our differentiator is that, unlike traditional “training companies”, our experiential sessions inspire the heart AND minds of your employees so that their hands can do the work. We link people, passion and possibilities within the framework of your organization and your strategic goals. This holistic approach to inspirational learning integrates the technical, behavioral and emotional aspects of job performance and sends the participants away uplifted, prepared and – yes – inspired – to translate the learning into application.

Inspired employees are engaged. Engaged employees are committed. Committed employees benefit your customers, your corporation and their co-workers.

Our current offerings include workshops on leadership, team dynamics, communication, customer service and corporate culture change. We’ll even inspire your trainers to enhance their skills through our train-the-trainer programs. Our menu of seminars grows regularly and our wildly successful S.P.I.R.I.T. week is expanding to include both the secular and the sacred.

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Inspiring Leaders
Mastering the Art of Influence – A Lesson in Leadership
The Profile of Leadership
Leadership is an XTREME Contact Sport
Inspirational Leadership – The Power of the Heart and Soul
Servant Leadership Retreat
I Am the Leader — An Innovative Approach to Leadership.

Inspiring Corporate Culture
Coping with the Challenge of Change
S.P.I.R.I.T.E.D. Care for Difficult Customers
Lessons in Emotional Intelligence
Stress Management — Establishing Work/Life Balance

Inspiring Service Excellence
Patient Satisfaction and Operational Behavior – Linking Mind, Body and Spirit
Creating Your Hospitality Profile
Service Excellence THROUGH Service Ownership
Creating Quality Customer Experiences Consistently
Earning Your Hospitality MBA – Measurable Behavior Attributes
Building Customer and Employee Loyalty Through Hospitality

Inspiring Management
Competencies for New Managers:

Module 1: Top 10 Mistakes, Facilitating Meetings, Organizational Skills

Module 2: Analyzing Situations, Technical Expertise, Delegating

Module 3: Follow-Up and Commitment, Communication, Listening Skills

Module 4: Managing Conflict, Fostering Teamwork, Exuding Influence

Module 5: On-The-Job Training, Time Management

Who Are These People and How Do I Work with Them?

Inspiration through workshops on leadership, team dynamics, communication, customer service and corporate culture change!